Essential EBAR+ UV 405


TPL Vision : EBAR+ UV for machine vision

The Essential EBAR+ UV 405 is a highly powerful LED light, very useful for machine vision applications requiring intense luminous flux. It can be set up downwards, in the same axis as the camera’s, or with an angle of incidence, to perfectly illuminate rectangular areas on a production line.

The Essential EBAR+ UV 405 is very easy to use: you don’t have to adjust anything, only to plug it. There are 2 functioning modes: continuous and strobe, with very short rising and falling times (15 μs and 10 μs).

Its black aluminum structure, very robust, is IP65. It also helps to dissipate the heat generated by the LED. Moreover, 2 LED indicators near the connector show if the product is powered.

  • RISING TIME: 15 μs,
  • FROM 17 CM TO 1 M 30.

UV INFO: in the light spectrum, UV (ultra violet) rays are electromagnetic radiations situated between 280 and 400 nm (visible radiations: between 400 and 800 nm). What makes UV very interesting is the fact that, even if it is invisible for the naked eye, it can be observed by fluorescence: when some bodies are submitted to UV wavelengths, they emit a visible light. This is the principle of black light and of counterfeit notes detection.

Other version

The LINK version has a specific wiring, compound of 3 M12 connectors. So, you can easily link several lights one to another, for a perfect signal synchronisation, while powering them separately in 24VDC. The LINK version can be easily incorporated in machine vision systems that require many lights, with optimized synchronisation.

Technical information

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Lighting method

direct lighting, recommended to get sharp contrastinclined direct lighting technique, for darkfield effects on production linedarkfield technique, relevant for surface inspection and edge detectiondome technique, to detect uneven surfaces

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