Product range

The High Power HPBACK includes a M12 5 PIN connector with remote dimming control and is available in custom sizes (1cm steps). More


The Collimated Medium CMBACK+ is manufactured with filters, to delete non-perpendicular beams (>30° compared to the vertical axis). More

The Medium MBACK+ Overdrive is a backlight both powerful and very diffuse, dedicated to many machine vision applications. More


NEW: the Collimated CSBACK is the perfect illumination choice for the inspection or measurement of clear plastics and rounded parts. More

Thanks to its slight thickness, the SMALL BACK II is a backlight both powerful and homogeneous, that perfectly fits confined spaces. More


The Black & Light (Bn’L) by TPL Vision is an innovative solution, convertible in black background when the light is off. More

Equipped with 4 high powerful LEDs, the LED BRICK modules by TPL Vision can be easily interconnected. More

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