Filters for camera lens.


TPL Vision distributes various coloured filters, that let some wavelengths go through, and stop the others. Set directly on the camera’s lens, they help to reduce the disturbances of the ambient light (stray light). The company distributes coloured filters adapted to the wavelengths used for the manufacturing of its lightings.

  • Band Pass BP470 Blue,
  • Band Pass BP525 Green,
  • Band Pass BP635 Red,
  • Long Pass LP415 UV,
  • Long Pass LP830 IR,
  • Polarizer filter PR032T.


In 2019, if you buy a TPL Vision light, you can get your camera filters for 55 €/filter only* ! Do not hesitate to contact us.

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* Offer excl. VAT, valid in 2019 for all references indicated below and subject to the purchase of a light.

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