Angle Changers


Angle Changers add flexibility
to EBAR products 

Technical Features

  • Easiest way to change the illumination angle, allowing greater flexibility & the ability to adjust your lighting if your project changes
  • Designed to securely clip on top of the EBAR; Angle Changers can sustain 100g acceleration
  • Protected IP package: no need to dismantle the product


  • Quickly identify the best illumination solution with our Angle Changer Combos
  • Have confidence in your product selection
  • Achieve better homogeneity across the FoV

Eliminate Hot Spots with the Curve Effect


TPL Vision’s patented Curve Effect is a powerful tool for creating excellent homogeneity over large fields of view. Using the Angle Changers to vary the intensity of the illumination helps to eliminate the hot spot seen in the centre of the FoV, which can cause issues in pick and place and large FoV robotics applications. Through reducing the intensity of the illumination in the centre of the bar light with a wider Angle Changer, you can achieve a much more uniform image while retaining high brightness.

See below for our example of a typical large FoV application demonstrating the effectiveness of the Angle Changers:

  • 2000mm Working Distance,
  • 1300 x 900 FOV,
  • 4x EBAR-500-WHI-7 with ACs.

Without Angle Changers

With Angle Changers

Click here to download the Curve Effect Tech Note providing more examples.

Tutorial: Removing the hot spot

Polarised angle changers available





The rough and specular surface in the background is made more uniform by the polarisation effect.

Note: polarisers reduce the brightness output of illumination by around 50%.

Products suitable for Angle Changer use

EBAR+ Standard

EBAR+ Link

EBAR+ Overdrive


Maximum EBAR length: 125mm. ±7° (UN) lens only.

Colours: WHI, 470, 525, 630, 850. Note: Not suitable for UV use.

Reference builder Angle Changers


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