TPL Vision : Modular Ringlight for machine vision

en The MR-RING is a bi-colour LED illumination, available in 2 sets of colours and 2 dimensions. It has been designed with tough production environments in mind: IP65 as standard, overdrive embedded, simple remote control capability (selection of colours and quadrants).


  • objects do not reflect light (matt surface),
  • objects require maximum illumination brightness (e.g. fast moving items),
  • objects where shadows are not going to be present or cause problems.

The MR-RING should be mounted so that the light shines directly onto the object of interest. Maximum illumination intensity will be achieved when the item is closest to the light. The camera can be mounted looking through the ring or to the side dependent on desired effect.

The MR-RING can also be used for applications where a machine enclosure is being used to provide reflected diffused light. The MR-DOME version may also be appropriate.

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Automaticon 2019

Modular Ringlight concept:
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TPL Vision is extremely careful about BIN sorting in the selection of LEDs for their products:
Specifically for the Cyan series on this product, the human eye is very sensitive to colour variations. It may appear to the customer that they do not appear the same between two cyan LED products. Despite any noticeable differences, the peak wavelength variation does not exceed 10nm.

Here are the following bandpass camera filters we recommend to fit with the Modular Ringlight:

  • White LEDs: no filter required
  • Infrared LEDs: LP 830 (
  • Red LEDs: BP 635 (
  • Cyan LEDs: BP 505 (

We advise using bandpass filters from MidOpt:

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Bestellnummer MR-RING


Drawings = PDF files only. Please contact us for STEP files.

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