With Led Brick, designed by Machine Vision experts, get your customized lighting solution.

Increase diffuse lighting possibilities, meanwhile saving money.

Not any lighting solution gives those possibilities, with so many advantages, for this price.

Very large Backlight

Set Led Bricks together and get very large lighting areas, and fit to many cases.

Get homogeneous

By using a suitable diffuser, you will get an homogeneous lighting.

User friendly design,
Easy to install.

Interconnect Led Bricks, fix them, power... Ready to light.

Any side connection
for equipment safety.

Plug power supply cable in the first brick, at any side, no risk of electric crash.

your backlight size.

Use the brick to brick cable and increase the distance between Led Bricks, so your configuration will be even larger.

led lighting..

Led Brick is made with 4 high power leds, so you also take advantage of led quality.

To light any area size, it is more than simple:
Interconnect, fix, power, add diffuser and Light!

Led Bricks composition light ON/OFF

We are specialists in High power led Lighting solutions for Machine Vision

TPL Vision, French leader for Leds lightings for machine vision

TPL Vision develops and manufactures High Power LED lighting solutions for machine vision applications. Involved expert, TPL Vision offers a consultancy and feasibility service for each project you may have. Currently leader in France, TPL Vision develops solutions among the most complex to answer your machine vision challenge.

Quality, know-how and availability are the company’s key principles. TPL Vision is a pioneer especially in the miniaturization of power lights. TPL Vision products are designed to meet the most demanding industry standards.

We designed Led Brick for Machine Vision experts, taking into account their needs

Led Brick is a specialized product for Machine Vision, camera control, heartly recommended to built backlight or diffuse light, for any size, with all the led technology benefits, and with an affordable price. By using a Led Bricks configuration for your application, you get an excellent value for money.

  • Strobe or continuous light modes
  • Customizable colours and lenses
  • Brightness stability, concentrated power
  • Extandable and Upgradable solution
  • Easy to install, polarity inversion protection
Led Brick composition
Specifications and Installation

Dimensions: 100 x 100 mm
Power supply: 24V
Power consumption: < 6W
Number of leds: 4
Light colors: White, Red, Blue, Green, Infra-red
Power supply connection: Bare wire
Strobe mode: 5 to 24V opto-coupled
Internal current regulation: yes
Assembly: up to 12 Led Bricks

To make a 300 x 100 mm backlight area :
Interconnect and fix 3 Led Bricks
Plug power supply cable in the first brick (any side)
Fix the diffuser plate at 45 mm (mini) away from Led Bricks composition

Ready to light !

  • Strobe and continuous modes
  • 24V
  • Powerful led lighting
  • Infra-red availability
  • Easy to install
  • Brick to brick pluggable extender

Why is Led lighting a smart investment ?

Many options exist for lighting a large area, and it is not easy-task choosing the best solution without knowing pros and cons of each one. That is the reason why we decided to highlight led technology advantages.

  • Long life and low power consumption

    cutting down running costs of maintenance

  • Strobe mode. Led resistance to switching ON and OFF

    Increase of leds lifetime thanks to strobe mode.

  • Stable illumination and quick response time

    no flickering illumination, even with an external ON/OFF and light control.

  • Directional lighting, that highlights defects more clearly

    in comparison with a diffuse lighting such as fluorescent

  • Customizable colours

    Unlike Fluo, leds exist in many colours and can fit to much more cases.

  • Customizable dimensions

    Led device is designed according to size and application case. Led Brick gives you the opportunity to make the tailor-made lighting.