Product range

Ring LED lighting, compliant with most cameras specialised in machine visionIn machine vision field, rings are leds crowns that can be fixed around a camera’s lens, and that generate a co-axial and directive lighting. TPL Vision manufactures large size rings and others more compact, to provide a solution to any kind of cameras. Created with high powerful leds, TPL Vision’s rings are appropriate for the uniform lighting of circular areas, very useful for many vision applications.

The MODULAR RINGLIGHT is compound of an ingenious and robust ringlight and 3 accessories, so as to get various lighting effects. More

The High Power HPRING is a solid ring, equipped with 12 high power LED, very useful for the directive illumination of a circular area. More

Equipped with 9 high power LED, the Thin TRING is an autonomous ring, specially designed for the diffuse lighting of circular areas. More

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