Product range

Éclairages haute puissance TPL VisionTPL Vision develops atypical lightings, classified in the “LOW ANGLE range“. They are built with high powerful leds, and offer darkfield lighting, ideal to control the uniformity of a surface.

NEW: the MR-LOW ANGLE belongs to the Modular Ringlight family and provides a combination of diffused light from the ring and ambient light. More

NEW: the MR-DARK FIELD belongs to the Modular Ringlight family and helps to highlight the edges of a surface and to minimises the light reflected from flat surfaces. More

Placed close to the surface, the LOW ANGLE II provides a darkfield illumination, very popular among industrial vision professionals. More

Compound of 4 independent swiveling bars, the SQUARE LIGHT RGB offers directive or darkfield lights, very useful when the parts evolve in time. More

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