Product range

Dome light for vision systems, to detect defective products on manufacturing linesThe Domes by TPL Vision can be divided in two categories: classic domes and flat domes. In both cases, they have a hole located in the center, so that the camera’s lens can be easily inserted. All domes are equipped with high powerful leds. Whatever the kind of dome, the priority is still the same: generate a diffuse and homogeneous lighting, without any light impacts, and therefore reduce the reflections on shiny surfaces.

NEW: The Dome version of the Modular Ringlight provides a highly-diffused light source which has no component of direct lighting. More


The Small SDOME II offers a diffuse and homogeneous indirect illumination that soften the reflections on curved and shiny surfaces. More

The Large LDOME is the biggest TPL Vision’s dome. Either in continuous or in strobe mode, the LDOME provides a very diffuse indirect light. More

Both powerful and diffuse, the Medium Flat MFDOME+ is also very thin and has a hole in the middle for the camera’s lens (3 versions). More

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