Lite LBAR+


TPL Vision : lite LBAR+ illumination for machine vision

The Lite LBAR+ is a direct lighting bar, with a reduced number of LED. However, there is no lack of power and it can easily illuminate wide spaces. The Lite LBAR+ can be set up downwards, in the same axis as the camera’s, or with an angle of incidence, and offers a powerful light in continuous or in strobe mode. The rising and falling times are particularly short: 15 μs and 10 μs.

Thanks to the groove located at the back of the aluminum structure, you can easily integrate the light in any vision system. 2 LED indicators near the connector show if the product is powered. Moreover, the Lite LBAR+ is IP65 by default. Compliant with industrial standards, the competitive price of the Lite LBAR+ is obviously a real asset: its quality, the same as any other TPL Vision’s product, and its satisfactory lighting power, make it an affordable long-lasting light.

  • FROM 25 CM TO 1 M 75.

Technical information

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Lighting method

direct lighting, recommended to get sharp contrastinclined direct lighting technique, for quality control (QC) by cameradome technique, to detect defective products

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