TPL Vision develops a brand new range of mounting accessories to assemble illuminations directly to cameras.

Essential EBAR+ LINK

Connect it directly to the camera — no power limit !


IN 2016, TPL Vision filters for cameras only cost 55 € (excl. VAT).

Medium MBACK +

Powerful Large backlight, homogeneous and easy to incorporate

High power LED illuminations
for machine vision applications







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Bar range

Direct lighting solutions

Direct lighting solutions

The Essential EBAR+ is a high power LED light, very useful for machine vision applications requiring intense luminous flux (4 versions). More

The Backlight BLBAR+ is a powerful illumination solution, equipped with an opaque diffuser, for a perfect diffusion of the light (4 versions). More

The Lite LBAR+ is a direct lighting bar, with a reduced number of LED. However, there is no lack of power and it can easily illuminate wide spaces. More

Ring range

High power LED illumination

High power LED illumination

The High Power HPRING is a solid ring, equipped with 12 high power LED, very useful for the directive illumination of a circular area. More

Equipped with 9 high power LED, the Thin TRING is an autonomous ring, specially designed for the diffuse lighting of circular areas. More

The Tiny’Z AD is a miniature ring equipped with 12 high powerful leds. It has been specially created for the diffuse lighting of circular areas. More

Spot range

Powerful compact LED lights

Powerful compact LED lights

The Thin TSPOT is a powerful compact spot for confined spaces. Equipped with its own current controller, it can be set up easily. TSPOT 1 TSPOT 4

The ThinLED provides an incredible lighting, considering its size. Its global shape enables an easy set up. ThinLED 1 ThinLED 4

The Spot SBAR provides a very powerful illumination just like a spot, and can be easily fixed, thanks to the groove behind, like a bar. More

Backlight range

Diffuse & homogeneous lights

Diffuse & homogeneous lights

Thanks to its slight thickness, the SMALL BACK II is a backlight both powerful and homogeneous, that perfectly fits confined spaces. More

The Medium MBACK+ is a backlight both powerful and very diffuse, dedicated to many machine vision applications (3 versions). More

The Collimated Medium CMBACK+ is manufactured with filters, to delete non-perpendicular beams (>30° compared to the vertical axis). More

Dome range

Diffuse indirect lighting solutions

Diffuse indirect lighting solutions

The Small SDOME II offers a diffuse and homogeneous indirect illumination that soften the reflections on curved and shiny surfaces. More

The Large LDOME is the biggest TPL Vision’s dome. Either in continuous or in strobe mode, the LDOME provides a very diffuse indirect light. More

Both powerful and diffuse, the Medium Flat MFDOME+ is also very thin and has a hole in the middle for the camera’s lens (3 versions). More

Low Angle range

Darkfield effects

Darkfield effects

Placed close to the surface, the LOW ANGLE II provides a darkfield illumination, very popular among industrial vision professionals. More

Compound of 4 independent swiveling bars, the SQUARE LIGHT RGB offers directive or darkfield lights, very useful when the parts evolve in time. More

Also available :

Food range

IP69K lights for food industry

IP69K lights for food industry

The Essential EBAR FOOD is a high power LED light, equipped with a transparent tube with smooth surfaces, what makes it IP69K. More

Compliant with the food industry requirements, the Backlight BLBAR FOOD is a high power LED light, both diffuse and homogeneous. More

UV range

UV illumination for robotics

UV illumination for robotics

The Essential EBAR+ UV is a high powerful LED light, very useful for machine vision applications requiring intense UV luminous flux. More

The SBAR UV is a powerful spotlight, for the control of circular areas in confined environments. Available in UV365, UV385 & UV405. More

Composed of 12 high powerful UV405 LED, the HPRING UV is obviously one of the most powerful lights among TPL Vision’s product range. More

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